« Africa is beautiful »

Together, we must meet the challenge of improving food security, reducing poverty while protecting the environment and developing competitive industries.
African agriculture is the main source of employment. To ensure its growth rate and allow people to have access to its fundamental needs, we have to promote a development scheme based on a perfect control of the modern agricultural practices.
SAVANA’s mission is to actively take part to this challenge.

« We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children »

Let us give it back as we found it.

« Sustainable Agriculture »

A major concern for African countries is making sure that their agriculture is competitive in a global economy where all agricultural production are affected by fast and important price fluctuations.
The introduction, development and promotion of new agricultural practices are part of the means that SAVANA wishes to put at the disposal of the largest number of African farmers and economic operators.


Sénégal : le gouvernement anticipe une récolte de 3,4 millions de tonnes de céréales en 2020/2021

Au Sénégal, l’exécutif vise une production céréalière de 3,4 millions de tonnes en 2020/2021, soit environ 23 % de plus que l’année dernière (2,7 millions de tonnes). C’est ce qu’a confié au quotidien local Le Soleil, Moussa Baldé (photo), le ministre de l’Agriculture et de l’Équipement.

Vos cultures ont droit au meilleur !

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